Modern trends in Industrial Automation

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Published: 01st June 2011
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Automation solutions are provided by several companies to Industrial users; generally to enhance client’s productivity, minimize downtime, assure safety and to reduce the energy consumption. Industrial Automation is the leading trade for Process automation, Factory automation and Integrated Automation Systems for Production and Buildings. Industrial automation provides integrated solution for several manufacturing problems like Mechanical and plant engineering, Electrical engineering and electronics, Automobile industry and component suppliers, energy industry and so on.

Modern trends

Modern automation trends provide opportunity to all entrepreneurs to increase their productivity and profit. The latest factory automation trend is highly influenced by globalization and latest technology; few latest trends are briefly summarized here:

Industrial Robotics: These robots are multi programmable, automatically controlled and reprogrammable in three or more axes. They are normally used to replace or reduce the dependency on man power, they are expert in welding, painting, packaging, material handling, assembling, product inspection etc., all these tasks are performed with high- speed and accuracy. Basically robots are designed as articulated robots, SCARA robots and Cartesian Coordinated Robot. Articulated Robots are used in loading tool, bakery, steel factory and foundry industry.

A six-axis articulated welding robot reaching into a fixture to weld.

Modern PLCs and PACs pack: Latest PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller) and PACs (Process Automation Controller) contains built-in data acquisition, data storage and networking capabilities; therefore, now it has become very easy to perform data acquisition tasks within the controller.

DCS: DCS (distributed Control System) are dedicated systems which are utilized to control manufacturing processes that are continuous or in batch. A DCS contains of functionally or geographically distributed digital controllers, which are capable of executing from 1 to 256 or more regulatory control loops in one control box. It is used to control electrical power grids , traffic signal, oil refining plants, chemical plants, sensor networks,

Completely Automated System: Centralized operations are available with large number of sensors, fast network, flexible interface and with high quality of diagnostic software having error detection.

Embedded Solutions: It is designed for complex machinery and to work in limited space; to control the work load by providing the embedded solutions of local control function in decentralized IT structure.

Security: To secure the production processes different tools are applied by the users, like bar coding, RFID, anti-plagiarism tools and image-processing systems.

These trends are implemented by all industry experts because it provides opportunity to grow with the market. Industrial Robotics has become backbone of the industry and they are widely used to achieve the goal.

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